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3 Best Sneakers From Vans Right Now

With the holiday season well underway, I can only imagine your social calendar is filling up. In the immortal words of Spiderman (well, not really 😉) “with great events, comes great sneaker choices”. So what will you be wearing on the end of your pins this silly season? We outline the hot tips on the …


6 Awesome Womenswear Outlets in 2019

More and more people are doing their shopping online these days. In order to make the most of your shopping experience, you’ll want to stack as many discounts at quality outlets and retailers as you can, especially during the holiday season! PokitPal’s cashback gets added on top of store’s regular discounts. So if you’re looking …


7 Incredible European Holiday Destinations

Everyone remembers their first holiday overseas. If you’ve never taken one, don’t you think it’s about time? Check out these 7 incredible destinations in Europe which are guaranteed to be a delight for first-time travellers. If you book your holiday using PokitPal’s unique link, you’ll get 5% cash back on all of your …