To mask or not to mask? That is the question many of us have been asking ourselves in recent months. However, with guidelines increasingly urging us to take precautions, it’s probably time to add some fabric face masks to your wardrobe.

The World Health Organisation has advised wearing a face mask in areas with high population density or in situations like crowded trains where social distancing is impossible. Everyone in the state of Victoria must now wear a face covering whenever they leave home.

Surgical face masks have been seen out and about for some time now. But while they serve a purpose, the sudden spike in their use has resulted in a rise in ocean pollution – already a major concern.

And with masks likely to remain part of our lives for the foreseeable future, it makes sense to invest in one of the growing number of fabric face masks that are now available.

The growing variety is great news for the more fashion conscious. Now you can coordinate your mask with your wardrobe while keeping yourself and others safe in the process.

But beware the new phenomenon of “maskne”. The sweaty conditions created by wearing a mask are a breeding ground for the bacteria that cause acne.

Go for a breathable fabric and be sure to use a skincare regime that helps keep nasties at bay. Opt for a lightweight moisturiser and sunscreen. Thoroughly cleanse in the evening to remove any sweat or debris.

We’ve rounded up some great fabric face masks for you. Check them out below:



The All-Rounder Mask

Fabric Face Masks - Bonds

This little number from Bonds has a 100% cotton outer layer which has been treated with HeiQ Virobolock which it says helps increase barrier protection.

Its inner later has been treated with adaptive cooling technology which aims to ensure a comfortable, dry and breathable fit.

Each mask lasts up to 20 washes and comes with soft, elastic ear loops for additional comfort.

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The Feel-Good Mask

The resuable facemasks from Cotton On have also been designed to be both breathable and comfortable. Adjustable elastic ear straps ensure a great fit, while soft wires around the bridge of the nose and under the chin mean you are well protected.

Three layers of fabric and a Teflon inner layer filter at least 90% of particles down to pm2.5 covering wildfire, general pathogens and air pollution.

Even better? 100% of proceeds go towards empowering youth through quality education and healthcare.

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The Pretty Mask

A great alternative to single-use masks, these Bare & Co face masks are soft, stretchy and comfortable whilst moulding to the face. For additional comfort, each mask comes with an adjustable side clip for comfort.

The three-layer masks come in a variety of striking patterns and colours. Meanwhile, the two-layer masks come in a variety of cute pastel shades of lilac, apricot and pink which are perfect for spring. Grab a few different ones so you can coordinate with all your outfits.

Added bonus? They come in naked packaging to reduce excess waste.

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The Beach Mask

Worrying about summer and how you are going to look cute on the beach while wearing a face mask? Worry not, because Zaful has come to rescue with its range of swimwear sets which include a matching face mask.

The sets come in a range of pretty prints so if you’re planning on spending lots of time on the sand this year, you can wear them in rotation.

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The Bandana Mask

Although touted as sun protection for the face, these western-style masks come with a sleeve for a KN95 filter insert which means they can offer an additional shield against 95% of particles. It comes with 5 filters.

The material is also cooling, sweat-wicking and breathable.

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