Listen up team – we’ve got some super exciting news for you that’s going to help you cash in as you spend. Yep, we’ve been kinda busy at this end designing a brand spanking new PokitPal app which is now ready for you to download!

What’s in it for you? Plenty!

For starters…

Heaps more deals

The new app is home to a mind-blowing 1500+ deals! We’re talking brands like General Pants, Forever New, The Iconic and much more. Don’t forget all those sweet in-store deals at local joints and chains like Subway.

A personalised experience

Get the hottest deals from your favourite retailers. With so many great deals in the new PokitPal app, we’ll be sure to show you the ones you already love and introduce you to others we think you might like.

A revamped look

We’ve given the app a total makeover. You’ll find it’s now very easy on the eye with a fresh new look, cooler brands and even better Cashback rewards – talk about a glow up! Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Faster, better tech

Your entire shopping experience, from finding what you want to buy to earning your rewards, is now slicker than ever. The new PokitPal app runs at superspeed, making sure you can start saving like a superhero!

Hidden deals

Start using the new app today and you’ll begin to uncover secret deals and perks throughout your PokitPal journey. We’re talking free glasses of wine, exclusive discounts and plenty of other incredible treats.

With the new PokitPal app, it’s even easier for you to earn Cashback by doing… well, not a lot! It’s safe, it’s secure, so what’s stopping you?

To get in on the Cashback Revolution, just click here to download the new PokitPal app – we hope you enjoy it!