Mother’s Day is on the way, and finding the right way to say thank you can be tough… but here at PokitPal, we think that finding that perfect gift shouldn’t be so stressful, and it definitely shouldn’t break the bank. What would you say if we told you that you could earn cash back on the side while making Mum’s day?

No matter what kind of mother you have, we think we’ve got gift ideas that will hit the spot. So here are 8 amazing ways to tell Mum just how much you love her!

Say it with slippers from Ugg

They’re plush, they’re toasty warm, they’re available with 4% cash back through PokitPal, and they’re perfect for Mum. Whether you go for the all-time classic Uggs or something a little fancier, like the more outdoorsy Adirondacks or the sporty Picos, you can be sure that she will be happy to slip her feet into these at the end of the day. Seriously, there’s nothing like a fresh pair of Uggs, so why not kit her out in time for winter?

Say it with jewellery from Swarovski

From now until Mother’s Day, you’ll receive a free Radiance Necklace when you spend over $220 with Swarovski. With PokitPal, that’s just over $205, after 6% cash back. So let’s see, now — a $99 necklace after a healthy dose of cash back? If Mum is into things that sparkle, you’d be silly to pass this one up. Whether her favourite thing is jewellery, watches or home decorations, you’re certain to find something spectacular here.

Say it with shoes from Rubi

If you’ve never purchased from Rubi before, you’re in for a treat. Not only is their footwear stylish and affordable, but your first purchase comes with a voucher for 20% off! And then, with another 5% cash back on top through PokitPal, well, it’s a no-brainer. We recommend the classic Willow Platform Sneakers — the 90s-inspired throwback shoes — or the super-breathable Piper Laser Points if you’re after something a little fancier.

Say it with essential oils from Twenty8

It’s time to ditch the scented candles, because ultrasonic diffusers are the new hotness. Add water and a few drops of any essential oil from the folks over at Twenty8, and you’re ready to go! The gentle flow of cool vapour will bring peace and calm to even the busiest mum out there, and fill the house with any number of beautiful scents. It’s cleaner and less wasteful than candles, and your mum will be able to mix and match any number of aromas to suit her exact tastes. Get one for Mum, and you’ll enjoy 13% cash back through PokitPal.

Say it with flowers from Interflora

It wouldn’t really be a Mother’s Day list without flowers, right? Interflora say it’s all about chrysanthemums, carnations and roses for Mother’s Day, and there are tons of stunning arrangements you can buy that are sure to impress. Best of all, with same-day delivery options, even if you’re on the go or out of town, you can be sure that Mum will get a special something from you on the second weekend of May. Purchase through PokitPal for 8% cash back!

Say it with a gift hamper from Macarthur Baskets

If you can’t quite decide between flowers, chocolates, wine or anything inbetween, why not go with a gift hamper from Macarthur Baskets? Their Mother’s Day selection has a little bit of everything to make Mum’s life a little brighter, and no matter what your budget, 10% cash back with PokitPal means you’ll get a little back for giving a whole lot.

Say it with wine from Cellarmasters

Is Mum’s drop of choice a Stefano Di Pieri white wine, with its clean pear and lemon notes? Or maybe it’s a bold McLaren Vale Shiraz, best in class in 2017? Or perhaps if she’s a fan of sparkling wine, it’s a Veuve Deville Blanc with notes of stone fruit! No matter her taste, the folks over at Cellarmasters have a tremendous variety of wines on offer, and 6% cash back with PokitPal means that you’ll be able to save — or perhaps spend a little bit more, just to say thanks, Mum.

Say it with a delicious meal

No matter where you are in Australia, there’s bound to be a restaurant near you offering cash back through PokitPal. We highlighted some of our favourites with these 10/10 dishes, but we encourage you to check out the PokitPal app for the full list near you! Take Mum out for a very special Mother’s Day lunch, or maybe the whole family for dinner, and get a little off the top, on us.

Did you find something that’s bound to put a smile on Mum’s face? If not, don’t fret: there are plenty more merchants in the PokitPal app that offer deals on fashion, experiences, cosmetics, activewear and so much more — so we guarantee there’s something on offer that’s sure to please.

And so from everyone here at PokitPal, we hope that every mum out there has a wonderful and relaxing day!