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Cashback Promotion Benefits To Businesses

What is a Cashback Promotion and How Does it Work?  Everyone likes discounts because having extra money in your pocket is always appealing. In fact, according to research conducted by Forbes, 82% of customers said they would prioritise cashback, discounts, or special promotions when choosing where they will shop. However, a lot of discounts can …


LEGO Made From Recycled Plastic For Sustainability

LEGO Bricks LEGO has unveiled a new prototype LEGO brick made from recycled plastic, marking the latest progression of the toy company’s journey towards sustainability. A team of more than 150 people is working on solutions to help make the company more environmentally responsible. Vice president of environmental responsibility at LEGO Tim Brooks said the …

UGG Express

UGG Supports Mental Health Organisation

UGG Supports The Work Of  Black Dog Institute: A Mental Health Organisation The first-ever Wear Your UGG Day will encourage Aussies to pull on their UGG boots on June 1 to support the essential work of mental health organisation the Black Dog Institute. According to Black Dog, 1 in 5 of us will experience symptoms …


Find Out Why This Kids’ Sofa Is a World First

Did you know that Aussies throw out a staggering 6,000 kgs of clothing and textiles every 10 minutes? It’s a worrying statistic that Australian circular brand UPPAREL is committed to doing something about. To this end, the B-Corp-certified producer of sustainable socks and underwear last month launched the world’s first circular flip-out kids’ sofa. Unlike other …

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5 Ways COVID-19 has Changed Travel Forever

Although our passports may be gathering dust, we are still in love with exploring. Instead of simply pining for faraway destinations, Aussies have been busy planning domestic holidays. And let’s face it, there are plenty of amazing destinations sprinkled all over this beautiful country. But it turns out that, as a result of the pandemic, …