Did you know that Aussies throw out a staggering 6,000 kgs of clothing and textiles every 10 minutes? It’s a worrying statistic that Australian circular brand UPPAREL is committed to doing something about.

To this end, the B-Corp-certified producer of sustainable socks and underwear last month launched the world’s first circular flip-out kids’ sofa.

Unlike other similar products for children which are often made from virgin foam, this comfy kids’ piece has been crafted using 100% upcycled textiles and recyclables.

The sofa’s inner cushion is made of unwanted clothing and recycled textiles. Its outer fabric uses yarn that is made from recycled plastic bottles. The materials used mean it won’t take decades to degrade. Added bonus – this zero-waste product is stain-resistant and durable too.

It doesn’t end there. When you are ready to eventually get rid of it, UPPAREL will come and pick it up, to make sure that none of its materials end up in landfill.

“Everything we do today is for the benefit of the next generation, so it made sense that our very first product was focused on the next generation,” UPPAREL CEO Michael Elias says.

Launched as Manrags back in 2016, the monthly sock subscription and recycling program rebranded as UPPAREL last year. It has redirected nearly two million items of clothing from landfill.

UPPAREL has also partnered with a number of companies to recycle their old stock and leftover fabrics. Its digital textile solution “Upcircle” helps brands and businesses provide textile recycling solutions to their communities.

Priced at $145 with free shipping, you can purchase this rather cool item (and earn 18% Cashback) at UPPAREL.


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