Summer is on its way which means its nearly time to hit the beach. But after hiding away in winter woollies for months on end, a little fake tan glow-up might be in order before baring your bod.

To ensure you step out on those sands suitably golden and without an iota of sun damage, begin with the basics.

Dry skin will result in a patchy tan so make sure you exfoliate thoroughly before application. Tackle any hair removal the day prior to applying your tan to avoid any nasty reactions while your skin is sensitive.

You’ll find that you get the best results when you apply tan to clean skin just after a shower. Be sure to give yourself a thorough dry-off, adding moisturiser to any rough areas of skin like your elbows and knees. Pop a little on your nails too to prevent them from staining.

Avoid those tell-tale orange palms by using a buffing mitt to apply your tanning product. You’ll also end up with a much more even application.

But with so many tanning products out there, which fake tan should you go for?

Let us break it down for you.


The best for beginners

New to the self-tanning game? Ease yourself in with a tanning mousse. You’ll find it a cinch to use thanks to its easy blend texture which gives you complete control.

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The best for dry skin

When your skin is a little parched, you need to pick your self-tanning product very carefully or it could end up settling into fine lines and looking scary rather than slick. Go for a tanning lotion or jelly which doubles as a body moisturiser to give dehydrated skin a glowing sheen.

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The best for ageing skin

A velvety serum that not only tans but keeps signs of ageing at bay sounds to good to be true – but there are some impressive formulas out there. Look for one packed with powerful but natural ingredients like Argan Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera, or magnesium which helps promote collagen and elastin.

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The best for fair skin

Nobody wants to look like they’ve taken a bath in orangeade. Those with paler skin need to be particularly careful so a gradual tanning product is just the ticket. These are also ideal for those who prefer a more subtle glow-up as it takes a few applications to achieve the desired shade.

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The best for a quick glow

Image credit: ModelCo

Your Uber is pulling up in just a few minutes but you’re still not party ready? When time is of the essence, grab a tanning spray and mist yourself with an instant glow that will deepen over the next few hours. Perfect when you already have a base tan that just needs a little boost.

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The best for no-make-up perfection

Image credit: Eco Tan

Don’t like the feel of heavy make-up or self-tan on your skin? Swerve those blocked pores by opting for a tanning water which you sweep over your face just like a toner. You won’t need to worry about filtering your selfies when you use this, you’ll have a real-deal glow.

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The best for sensitive skin

Putting anything on your skin can be stressful if you are a bit sensitive. So when it comes to fake tan, go for a product with minimal nasties and always be sure to patch test first. Opt for a product that uses a naturally-derived form of the self-tanning ingredient DHA as it is less likely to trigger skin reactions. Soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera are also a plus.

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