Christmas in Australia is usually a sun-soaked affair. But the appeal of a more wintry celebration is seeing more and more Aussies celebrate Christmas in July – complete with turkey, roaring fire and Christmas jumpers.

It’s a recent phenomenon driven by the Christmas scenes we soak up each year. Christmas movies, carols and stories are all filled with snowmen, Santa on a sleigh and steaming plum puddings. But none of these images really fit with the warm temperatures that we experience in December.

So, to get a fix of these charming festive traditions, Aussies have started hosting Christmas in July celebrations. And the outfit of choice? A classic Christmas jumper, complete with pom poms, glitter and maybe a reindeer or two.

These quirky knits originated long ago as heavy, warm sweaters that were hand knitted in Scandinavia and Iceland to be worn by fishermen out on the icy waters. They were then picked up by skiers in search of clothes to keep them warm on the slopes. Now they have been adopted as a quirky Christmas essential.

Christmas jumpers are the perfect wardrobe item to get you in the festive spirit, while also being baggy enough to allow for comfort as you tuck into the traditional lunchtime feast.

But tracking down something suitably jolly can be a tough ask, particularly at this time of year.

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you to find you the best Christmas jumpers out there to help make your Christmas in July as jolly as possible.


The classic Christmas jumper

Complete with reindeers and a “Merry Christmas” message, this simple little number does everything you would want a Christmas jumper to do. It’s festive without being kitsch and can be dressed up or down.

Price: $36.95

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The cool Christmas jumper

Who ever thought that a jumper covered in polar bears could actually look so good? This slightly modern twist on the Christmas classic jumper looks festive but also kinda cool so you won’t feel like a total dipstick at your Christmas in July bash. This could even be a winter wardrobe regular.

Price: $20

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The quirky Christmas jumper

Dinosaurs aren’t exactly Christmassy, but somehow this jumper delivers on the festive front. If you don’t like to play by the rules, or simply have a penchant for the prehistoric, then this could be the one for you.

Price: $34.95

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The geometric Christmas jumper

This lovely geometric design is given a festive twist by the use of the traditional Christmas colours of green and red. How cosy does it look? Pop it on, get the Bing Crosby tunes on and get ready to hang out under the mistletoe.

Price: $31.61

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The stylish Christmas jumper

For a smart navy and cream take on the Christmas jumper, try this version from Boohoo. It comes complete with reindeer design, but other than that is surprisingly subdued making it an ideal choice for someone who wants to look jolly but chic at the same time.

Price: $19

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The kitsch Christmas jumper

Okay, so this one isn’t strictly a Christmas jumper, but as far as holiday outfits go, they don’t really get much more festive than this one. If you have the guts to wear this outrageous number, then you will undoubtedly be the toast of the party. Wheel it out again for your office Christmas party in December to really get value for money!

Price: $129.99

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The modern Christmas jumper

This gorgeous snuggly Christmas jumper has a cute design but the simplicity and space between each element also gives it a more modern feel.  We would happily rock this all through winter!

Price: $27.84

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The cute Christmas jumper

You can’t leave the little ones out of the action – Christmas is all about the kids after all. Don’t worry about knits and instead dress them up like one of Santa’s little helpers for a real dose of festive fun.

Price: $38.99

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